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EMV Chipped
debit cards

Super-secure EMV chipped cards- With each active account, our customers are sent a new EMV chipped card! Your new PIN will arrive a few days later for activation.

Enjoy knowing your account(s) are secure, fraud-protected, AND transactions process in real-time. As soon as you swipe your card the transaction will show up on online, mobile, and telephone banking!

Ways to activate your card-

  1.  Online Banking- Login, Click "Options", Click "ATM/Debit Card?

  2. Telephone Banking 1-844-236-9864

  3. Use your PIN at point of sale

  4. Come int a CB&T branch and our representatives can help you!


By using our mobile app, you can easily deposit a check-anytime, anywhere, to any account-for a $1.00 fee, per check.

Perfect for:

-Small businesses that deposit a few checks a month.

-Individuals who travel often

-Individuals who move away from Wyoming, but want to continue to bank with CB&T.


Quickbooks account software allows you to seamlessly integrate your CB&T account information, pay bills, download transactions, and more. You'll save time by avoiding double entry of transactions and account information.

Spend less time managing your accounts and more time on what you love.

You must purchase Quickbooks software or have a monthly cloud account in order to sync your CB&T account.

Perfect for:

-Small businesses and individuals looking for an easier way to do their accounting.

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MyCardRules ™

CB&T's mobile app to take full control of your debit card.

Spend less time calling the bank to shut off your card, see transactions, and do it from your own mobile phone.


Why let an outside company have access to your account? With Bill Pay, you can easily pay your power company, your phone bill, a friend, etc.

You can cancel payments at anytime, without calling your phone company. Use Bill Pay for free through online banking or via our mobile app.

Perfect for:

-Any individual wanting to make automatic payments. 


Go paperless with E-statements. Not only will you save trees (dozens over the lifetime of your account) but your statements will be archived making it easier to organize.

More products coming soon! 

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